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  1. In my opinion to me the worse thing that could happen in America was slavery. I think that slavery was the worse because people would just take African Americans (basically kidnap them) and force move away from their families and go to slave markets to get sold to different masters. Whenever they did something bad they would get punished very harshly. The African Americans had to work for their masters day and night and hardly got any breaks, there were though only a few masters that were rarely nice to them. But everything else was bad. Some of them would get sick a lot from working so much or not that well on health and would die in a few days if not treated well. They were not very equal like us. They were humiliated and treated badly.

  2. For the biggest idea that came out of the revolution. I chose Checks and Balances. and Ill tell you why. The reason is because someone cant get something they want without the other two branches agree and sign off on it.

  3. For my best worst and best events in the US, for the worst I chose slavery. I felt this was the worst because of the cruel working conditions they were put through. The unfair conditions we put them through broke them.

    The best thing weve done for me is creating the declaration of Independence. The reason this is useful is because we use it all the time til this day. We need to know our rights to protect ourselves

  4. even tho america is one of the most diverse countries in the world, it still struggles to treat everyone with pure equality, also america is the number one power in the world and has the greatest military power in the world. america is kind of like the global police in some instances.

  5. In my opinion Slavery was the worst thing that happened to America because people are still standing up for African American lives today, and its 2017. The best thing that happened to America would be the Constitution because we still follow those laws today.

  6. The worst thing America has done was slavery. Slavery was by far the worst because we took away rights from people. But also made them do work without getting paid and got punishments if they did not work fast enough. One of the best things that America has done would be the Bill of Rights. I chose the Bill of Rights because it contains the 10 amendments which is our rights as a American. The Bill of Rights gives us freedom of speech, the right to bare arms and much more.

  7. soavert to me is the worst event in American history because it is extremely cruel. People took human beings from theirs homes and families and brutally beat them if they didn’t work for free on plantations. Nothing good came out of slavery.

  8. I believe the worst event in American history is slavery. It’s an event that still affects many people even though we have so many groups to fight racism. Even though technically everyone was an immigrant it was completely unfair towards African Americans. The best event in American history is the battle of Saratoga because it was the spot where the Americans started to turn the war around with the help of the French.

  9. The worst event in American history in my opinion is slavery.

    1.By 1860, it is estimated that over 40% of all the wealth in the US was in one way or another tied with the system of slavery

    2.slavery broke up the colonists during the revolution

    The best event in American history in my opinion is the Declaration is the “Backbone” of american political thought

    2.These words where written for future american’s to remember for years and years

  10. The worst event is slavery. Slavery is something America should be ashamed of. Not only did it ruin countless lives of African American people back then but these problems of mistreating people of color are sadly still present today. If slavery was never introduced maybe we wouldn’t have the prejudice we have today in society. Millions of African American people were taken from there homes and brought to America to be mistreated and taken advantage of. This is truly despicable. Slavery was active in American for 245 years. During this time slaves were mentally and physically abused. No matter where your from or what your race is, everyone should be given equal treatment. This is why I believe the worst event was Slavery.

    • Slavery was the worst event in history! African Americans were treated awful, and they were innocent!

  11. The worst event in American history was slavery. People were forced against their will to leave their homes and work hard labor in harsh conditions. Where people had complete control over them for the rest of their lives. They took children too and used them as child labor. Slaves had no benefits and only had just enough food and water to survive (barley). Slaves were treated worse than animals. This also went on for an extremely long time. The best event of American history was the Bill of Rights. This is because it gave us our rights. It allowed us to not be controlled. It gave us freedom.

    • Agreed with slavery!

  12. I think the worst event was the Trail of Tears. People had to walk from state to state for a long period of time. Also, many people died while traveling. The best was the constitution. It makes up the government. It’s the supreme law of the US.

  13. The worst was the Trail of Tears. We learned about it in Facing History last year, and technically it counts as a genocide, so it is definitely the worst event in American history in my mind. America always claimed that we have never had a genocide on our land, but that is not true, and not only did we have a genocide, but it was a genocide perpetrated by the settlers and our government against the people who had always been here. The best was the Constitution. It laid the foundation for our government, so that we could be successful as a nation.

  14. I think the best event from American History was The Battle of Saratoga because it was the turning point of the war. They wouldn’t have won the war without help from France. I think the worst event from American History was Slavery to America because it was very bad in the 1860’s and is still bad to this day.

  15. I believe the worst event that happened in America was slavery because it didnt just effect people back than, it still effects people now. The suffering those poor slaves had to go through was awful and sad. They were taken against there will to go do manual labor in fields and barley got any food or water,m. They were tortured. You would think it has gone away after 150 years but some ignorant bigots still look at African Americans as slaves amd they treat him as slaves. These bigoted people are the reason why we still have groups such as the Ku Klux Klan. Slavery didn’t impact just African Americans back then, it effected all African Americans for years to come.
    The best event in American History I believe is the Revolutionary War. The Rev. War helped the U.S. gain independence and helped us to come on the map, helped us become one, amd helped us to be free! Who knows, without the Revolutionary War, we may not be free today! We wouldn’t be free or not live in fear all the time! Thanks to the Revolutionary War, we are where we are today!

    • I believe the best event is the Bill of Rights. It gave Americans the freedom of speech and religion along with the right to bear arms. This was giving American citizens freedoms and rights they never had before. It was a written document that was there to give people a visual of there rights. That’s why I believe it was the most important event.

    • Whoops sorry josh that wasn’t supposed to be a comment!!! I agree with your post though. Slavery was definitely the worst event. So many slaves were incredibly mistreated.

  16. I think that an important idea from the United States is Liberty because Liberty helped give us freedom to our society from the restrictions of our ways of living life, our behavior and our own political views on how we see things in the world. It also gave us the right to have our own independence and sovereignty.

  17. i think liberty is the most important because it’s having the right to be free. America is known to be a free country, people come here to be free.

  18. I think the most important idea that came out of the revolutionary war is liberty. Liberty is important because it gaurentees Americans their basic rights of life. Everyone gets even freedoms and is treated equally. Everyone gets freedom of speech and the right to protest etc.

  19. In my opinion the most important big idea from the American Revolution was the idea of Liberty. Liberty is the rights and freedoms you are allowed to have as an American. One reason why Liberty is the most important is because of the First Amendment, Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Speech is very important because it allows you to say what you want when you want. Also it allows you to practice any religion you want. Another reason Liberty is the most important is because of the Sixth Amendment, Trial by Jury. This is important because everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

  20. I think the biggest idea is popular sovereignty. We see people working together in different ways everyday. The idea of popular sovereignty works the same way, many people want the same thing so that decision is used just like with voting.

  21. The most important thing that came out of the period which in this case is the Revolutionary War is the U.S. fighting for independence. This is important to me because people want to have the freedom to say whatever they want not have someone control there lives and take away there own rights. The Constitution is important because it gives people the right to do whatever they want but have to follow the Constitution

    • Matt.. i dont if i agree. Are we will free to do what we want?

  22. I feel the biggest big idea is POPULAR SOVEREIGNTY

    1. Popular sovereignty is the thought that the average
    citizen can be trusted to make important decisions that affect his or
    her life and the lives of other Americans

    2. The idea that power can begin from the ground
    up; that a group of people can exercise that power and change their
    society for the better is an exciting idea in human history.

  23. The biggest idea from the American Revolution is Republicanism. Without the people being able to vote for who or what they think will be best for the general public. Being able to have a say in the laws and who is going to be your leader is extremely important. Because of this, voters are able to pick the right person to lead them that they believe will be trustworthy and have the same beliefs. This is why I believe Republicanism is the biggest idea from the American Revolution. Because it gives the people a voice.

  24. The biggest idea from the American Revolution is Liberty. Liberty gives people rights to do what they want. For example people can practice whatever religion they want. Another example would be they can also have free speech, but in some cases they can’t like screaming an emergency that’s not happening.

  25. I think the biggest Idea from the American Revolution was the Popular Sovereignty,
    Why? Because the People have the power to change things. The power begins from the grounds up. The President isn’t elected by only one vote, but by millions. Together we can change our society, we can change big things.

  26. I think the biggest idea from the American Revolution was liberty. This is important because it lets us do and say (for the most part) what we want. Liberty gives us freedom, it lets us make our own choices. Nobody controls who we are.

  27. I think the biggest idea from the American Revolution is Checks and Balances. My groups example was a lock that has three key slots, and it dosent open unless all three keys are put in. The Founding Fathers wanted the three branches, the Legeslative, Judicial and Executive to each control certain powers, but are able to help out the others. They need all three branches to work together to make sure everyone’s ideas are heard, just like you need all three keys to open the lock.

  28. The biggest idea from the American Revolution I believe is popular sovereignty. My groups example was the teenage mutant ninja turtles. When one turtle is alone, he will get beat up and possibly killed. When all of them together, they win! This is the same in real life. If a huge group of people believes something is right, this will come together and will get heard, just like the protests we are seeing today! If you think about it though, thats what turns peoples heads and wakes them up saying hey, i support this and i will come together with this group of people with the same beliefs to become stronger together! And thats what I believe America is made of!

  29. To be an American means that we are equal. I believe that we are trying to be more equal. Right now we are having equality towards White and Black people and not do any more racial movements. We’re all human, that doesn’t mean that people who are a different color than you are a different type of species. We have the same body but in different shapes and sizes. Even people from different countries should have the same equality as us when they move to the US. Remember, everyone one of us is human. We have different ways of living but we’re still human, and nothing can change from what everyone is. Everyone is unique in their own way.

  30. Theres not a really good answer to “Who is an American”, Maybe its one who is patriotic, willing to sacrafice to their country.

  31. When I was in Brazil, the things in America looked like everything was awesome, helpful and a little bit crazy. But now, after six months, my conception has changed.
    Everything isn’t awesome or helpful. It can be crazy making new friends and trying to understand a new language. Even so, America still is the best place I’ve been.

  32. To be an American means to be free. Americans have endless opportunities which is really cool. I find it interesting because not everywhere in the world has freedom like we do. We are beyond lucky to have freedom. It is such a big idea that lets us do so many amazing things and lets us live life to the fullest.

  33. To be an American is not only to be a legal citizen. I believe an American takes pride in where they live. American people exercise their rights and freedoms. To be an American is to be cultured and accepting, and to respect all views.

  34. I think to me what it means to be an American is that you can express and speak whatever you believe in but not in a way you start violence because that’s not the right way to be an American. We have the Amendments those are basically the rules that citizens must follow to become a good American.

  35. To be american is to be free. We are given many rights that give a certain privileges and freedoms that many other country’s do not have. without all of these freedoms/ laws, we would be very similar to some other country’s that do not have much freedom in there life. But because we are provided with these rights and laws we are able to live the free lives that we do each and everyday and for that I am grateful to be an american.

  36. To be an American is to be free no matter what race, religion, or sexual orientation a person has. People come to America to be free and happy. They want to live their dream by having a good job, earn money, and have a nice home to raise a family in.

  37. To be an American is complex. It means having rights and freedoms that other countries don’t have, but at the same time it means having to pay more for health care and further education (i.e. college, university). Other countries would see being an American as only a good thing, but in reality it has both good and bad parts. Being an American means living in a wonderful and diverse place, but also dealing with the challenges that come from living in a highly commercialized country.

  38. (yesterdays work) America is a place with choice. Sometimes people may react in a bad way towards your opinion, but it’s up to you when to share it. Certain people chose to like our current president or you can decide you don’t, and that’s not illegal like how in certain countries you need to treat the leader with complete respect unless you want to go to prison.

  39. To be an American is to live free. Many other countries don’t allow people the rights and opportunities that most Americans are capable of receiving. Even though there are people that don’t get a chance there is a large amount of people that can achieve their dreams.

    • I agree with your statement Chris. We are lucky enough to have a lot of freedoms that other places around the world don’t have.

  40. America is…greedy, Everyone that lives in America is greedy from different things. It’s either they need more money, or they want better clothing, or no WiFi. They never stop to think of what other people don’t have. Other parts of the world aren’t as equal as we are. They have to work harder than we do to earn what they want. Some people are poor and others don’t have any homes. They don’t have the equality like the most of us have or freedom.

  41. To be American is to be free. To be able to live the American dream to the fullest means whatever that you are able to do to provide for yourself and your family will be considered successful. To me the American dream is to be happy and healthy. People come to America to live the “American Dream” which to them must be getting a good job and making money to support them and their family.

  42. America is very complex. We have many different places, and those places have different type of people. Who sometimes dont share the same beliefs, this causes chaos. If everyone can be tought to love then there would be much fewer problems.

  43. Being an American means that you are free. Free to do many things no matter your color or gender. Now you can’t do everything because some of those things are illegal. Still you have a lot of freedom.

  44. Being an American means we should be treated equal no matter your religion or background. In America you are free so you should be able to do and say what you want.

  45. When i was at Colombia I thought america was helpful and you will get a lot money .
    Its gonna be difficult learning a new language and make a new friends.

    Now I hear America , i can say for you get money you need to work a lot and hard , and its good a more freedom and a lot history about us. o the past of the people at america.

  46. Being an American means that we are all treated equally no matter what color skin you have, and it doesn’t matter what culture you are from. If you are an American you are mighty lucky because you will be free forever.

    • I totally agree with everyone being treated equal no matter their skin color and the culture they are from.

  47. What it means to be an American. Being American is an honor that some people I believe in the world wish they can have. Being American is difficult I believe also. People I strongly believe look up to this country. When another country goes to war against are enemy, they always look for are help. Being American means going above and beyond. You have to go through the tough times. When we are attacked by terroriosts or any attack that may happen, we always come back and come together as one, and sometimes I wish we would keep that together as one mindset all the time.

  48. When I say that America is… I think of America being free. But there are many different things going on in the World. For example, I think that our current president has done some wrong things and caused bad things. But in general, America is great, because America is good!

    • Eva, I can not agree more on what you said about America and our current president:/

  49. America is a land of hope and freedom, but it also has many faults. We have corruption, especially when it comes to politics. We have racism, and sexism. We claim to strive for equality, though women still earn less than the average man (79 cents: 1 dollar). Women of other races make even less than that. America often defines itself as the land of opportunity. Many immigrants move to America with the promise that their dreams can come true, and that they can provide for their families, and be safe. This, unfortunately, doesn’t always occur, and as I mentioned previously, it is due to racism and sexism. While the first amendment allows us the freedom of speech, sadly, this freedom is abused in tragic ways, where it is technically acceptable for people to verbally abuse others based off on their religion, race, or gender. This was most recently observed in Charlottesville with the rally of white supremacists. U.S. News says that America is ranked the number one power in the world, though in terms of the best countries, it is ranked number seven. It is ranked number one in power due to its economic and military strength. I believe, however, that true power can be measured in how well a country is taking care of its citizens, and in that area, America has a lot of room for improvement. For example, I believe citizens should have access to affordable health care, higher-quality schools, and a safer life. America is not the land of promises as it once used to be, but it has the potential to rise once again.

  50. America is very cool for a bunch of different reasons. You have freedom that allows you to explore a lot of different things. Also there is a variety of people that you can meet because people come from all over the world to be here!

  51. In my perspective, America is a great country to live in. Our country’s government does its best to keep the people happy, and make sure everyone is treated equally. We have a government that is run by the people, in some countries you can be killed for even speaking out against the government. America is full of opportunity for everyone.

  52. If I can describe the United States in one word to me it would be AWESOME. The reason why I say this is because we have the freedom to express and speak whatever we want but not to an extent to people causing threats. And lastly, we have good company’s and good sports teams in the USA

  53. America is both good and bad. Many people in America have many rights and for the most part it is a privilege to live here. But there are bad sides of America like, even in the 21st century we still do not have complete equality. A lot of people are still judged for their race, gender, sexuality, and religion. It is good that we have a democracy but sometimes it is not always fair. For example their are many loop holes like many rich people can get out of taxes. Another thing is we are taught to work for people, we are taught to earn money not make money. A lot of America is corrupt and not many people know but a lot of America is great.

  54. America is odd to me. Manly because it’s a free country with limits. Example you have freedom of speech BUT, you cant yell fire when their is no fire. Now i’m not saying people should do that (Because it’s illegal) it’s just, America is a free country it just has a few restrictions that are odd.

  55. America is life changing. People come to America to get a job and earn money. Also they want to find good education for themselves and for their kids.

  56. America is free. You are able to practice any religion you believe in and you are able to marry anybody you want. Americans also have the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press.

  57. America is so awesome, we have a population of 323,127,513 people from all over the world. We are #1 in power in the world.
    America is also kinda bad because even though we have that many people from different places, some people still have problems about race, which is the dumbest thing because it’s how everyone’s born. Its not a choice it’s just how it is so why does it matter?

  58. When I see the words America is, I think of America of a nice country but weak. As a country, we have to work on living as one. What I mean by that is all the riots and racism from BOTH sides is still going on since the civil war when they were arguing to have slavery ot not. Well guess what, its but a good 200-300 years so lets get over it! Also, most of our country is in poverty, and it sad. The United States’ debt is sky rocketing and has been for years. We have to fix these issues as soon as possible!

    • You couldnt have said this any better, I totally agree buddyy. But I wouldnt say were weak. I look at it like we are th most buffed out country

  59. America is complicated. There are many different groups, economic classes, social classes, areas/terrains, ideals, religions, etc. Everything and everyone is different from everything and everyone else, all are unique.

  60. America is interesting. There are 50 states that are all different and unique in their own ways.

  61. Someone from class today said that America is too big, diverse, and complicated to sum up in one word – a very good point.

    For this assignment, you’re not limited to one word. You also don’t have to be super specific either – big ideas and thoughts are welcome.

    Have fun!!:)

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