US History

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Review Unit 10: Review Unit 11 – America at the end



Extra credit assignment: Based on conversations in class, respond with a reply that identifies a song that you think describes life and conditions in America today (like Bob Dylan’s “Blowing in the Wind” did in 1963); include some lyrics that you think are particularly relevant, and a link to the song on YouTube




  1. I think America by Motionless in White describes the modern USA. Particularly the parts about ‘handing convicts fame in HD’ and about ‘glorified ignorance,’ this song highlights the negatives in our society, negatives that are often overlooked by pop culture. While the song exaggerates some things slightly (‘oil prices are so high we can’t feed ourselves’), I feel it gives the song a better effect and will make the point to people it would otherwise pass over. The song uses exaggeration to provide emphasis on the bad things in American society, and I think that these bad things are important to recognize in this age.

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