World History

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Extra credit article

Peruse and offer a response below for out-of-class CP points?!?  Reply to others’ responses for even more…

 “Highway to Heaven” – What one Canadian street could teach the world about religious harmony





  1. The article ‘Highway to Heaven’ talks about No. 5 road, where many people of different faiths work to live together in peaceful harmony. It mentions how people of different faiths should treat each other with equal respect, for no one religion is “better” than another. The goal of No. 5 road is to bring people together despite their religious differences, as opposed to fighting over who’s beliefs are “right” or “better”.

  2. In Highway to Heaven they talk about the diversity of religions on the same street. All the religious leaders gather and sit at the same table, and treat each other as equals. They show each other what the world should show each other, equalness. That no one religion should be persecuted, but everyone should be equal.

  3. In the article, they are talking about how they want everyone to view different religions as equal, and not to think that one s better than the other. However, you can see on the map that there are far more Christian churches (eight to be exact) than others. For example, there are only two Hindu temples and one Jewish synagogue. The people who worship in these places might feel overpowered still by the abundance of places of worship that are Christian, compared to the few places of worship that is their religion.

    • I agree, in the article, it does talk about people being equal. Everone should be equal in this world. No one should be overpowered by another religion.

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